In 2014 we introduced In Curaçao in-room magazine to the world, with ‘Sharing Our Local Secrets’ as slogan.

A hardcover, yearly publication with editorials in English and Spanish. In Curaçao is the island’s official in-room magazine and travel guide, with exclusivity in the rooms of 46+ accommodations that are member of the Curaçao Hospitality and Tourism Association (CHATA). The yearly reach is 200.000+ stay-over visitors and counting.

The success of our in-room magazine has been its concept and unique approach since day one. We are focusing on experiential travel and showcasing real experiences on the island, with authentic local people.Showcasing our ‘dushi’ island of Curaçao in all its glory to the visitors, inviting them to go out and explore what we have to offer.

Our ultimate goal is to switch from a one-size-fits-all conception, to a personalized travel experience. By making this switch to a personalized travel experience we are paying extra and special attention to the smaller but still authentic experiences, activities and attractions on the island. The In Curaçao brand is currently growing with additional online presence and digital products.

Our Travel Types

Curaçao has a lot to offer to every type of traveler. For In Curaçao we have defined six different travel types. The goal is the bundle experiences based on their interest and needs, providing them with a personalized reason the visit Curaçao.

Crazy Spirit (Adventure) | Cultural Explorer | No Hassle Traveler
Gentle Explorer (Luxury) | Solo Traveler | Foodie

What’s Next

Our goal is to connect the (potential) visitors with all tourism providers and our local community. We are working hard on a digital platform to make this possible. Follow In Curaçao on Social Media to stay up to date on the developments.

Follow us on Instagram @incuracao or use #incuracao in your posts


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